How we’re rethinking climate change

Let’s face it, climate change is confusing.


With terms like carbon footprint, tonnes CO2 equivalent, Paris Agreement and science-based targets, most of us are left scratching our heads. We all have our lives to live and can’t spend all day trying to make sense of what all this means.


One of Green Wallet’s core principles is to make complex things simple, and we’re working with the best in the business to do just that for climate.


Someone we look up to is Australia’s Damon Gameau, who has done a great job of distilling the basics into this cool little video ,taken from his award-winning documentary 2040. It’s beautifully simple, check it out below.

It’s this sort of simplicity that continues to inspire the development of Green Wallet. Because we get it, you’re frustrated with climate inaction, you’re busy, and maybe even a little confused about what to do next.


Fear not, we’re here to help.


Over the coming weeks we’ll be coming to you straight from Green Wallet headquarters with the simple, easy, and engaging information you need to make smarter choices for the planet. We’re working with the best minds from around the globe to distil the best information into something we can all understand.


So, keep an eye on your inbox next week, when we outline how every dollar we spend is responsible for 300g of carbon (that’s a beer bottle, or kombucha), and unpack the wonderful world of carbon footprints.  


Don’t worry, I've even tested the message out on my toddler, and even she seemed to get it!


Keep it clean, keep it green 🌱

Neil McVeigh